cauliflower pizza

Amazing Cauliflower Pizza Recipe!

Mix ground oats, eggs, and turmeric (which is a GREAT anti-inflammatory ingredient; great for gut health) and you bake it until it turns into a more firm base.

Minimum Progress Isn’t Enough

As we dive into the 2018 school year, I wanted to share a recent (more or less) court case that I feel is very important to both your success as an educational advocate for your child, and your child’s success.

Don’t Let Life’s Worries Overshadow The Good Around You

Take pictures. Laugh. Put on that outfit you were saving for the “perfect moment”! Today is beautiful and one day you will look back and be grateful that you didn’t let the worries of the moment overshadow all of the good around you.

matthew chambers holding his son jude in front of a barn

You Belong.

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Your perspective matters.