Delicious, Healthy Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe

This recipe is a great alternative to traditional pancake recipes, because this one relies heavy on spices, oat flour instead of real flour, and pumpkin as a base to thicken the batter. Prep time: 10-15 minutes!

Women and the Caregiving Experience

Did you know that 57-81 percent of caregivers to older adults are women [1]? With women around the world being the predominant informal caregivers to loved ones, it is important examine why, and how it affects them.

The First 11-Months with my Daughter with Down Syndrome

The emotional journey my husband and I have endured the last few months has been a hard one, but from where we stand today, the view is so much more promising than it was in May. We no longer see Down Syndrome when we look at our daughter.

matthew chambers holding his son jude in front of a barn

You Belong.

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Your perspective matters.