3 Outdoor Brands That Offer Product Warranties

  • By Clay Chambers Springible Contributor
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  • PostedApril 12, 2017
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Yesterday, we briefly emphasized the importance of getting outside to relax and explore. As a caregiver, making little moments for that is particularly important. Whether you’re going outside to explore a park, taking a trip to the beach boardwalk, or simply taking a walk around your neighborhood, here are a few outdoor products to ease your journey, best of all they have great warranties showing that the brands believe in the quality of these products.   If you are like many caregivers, your day to day lives can be incredibly hard on products, which is why you need great quality and a great warranty.

  • Eddie Bauer – I have enjoyed using Eddie Bauer backpacks. The last one I owned endured many years of wear-and-tear. Here are a few reasons why this brand is great:
    • Durability. Their products really are built to last.
    • Thoughtful zipper placement and space to store snacks, medication, or an emergency kit.
    • Great variety of color and style options.
    • Lifetime warranty on all products!

Eddie Bauer is committed to providing warranties on its products. The brand’s founder (Eddie, himself) was dedicated to producing quality goods and he was confident they would last. If anything you purchase doesn’t hit your expectations, you can return the item at any time for a full refund or product exchange. For more information about their warranties, click here.

  • Polar Bottle – This brand, with a 20-year history, is committed to providing quality water bottles that were designed for outdoor adventures and extreme sports enthusiasts.  Now we may not be in a position to climb Mt. Everest or compete in the X Games, but your day to day is just as tough, and you need a bottle that can withstand anything that is thrown at it and still keep you hydrated.  Polar Bottle is known for employing people who care about the customer, as well as delivering a product that endures a variety of environments. Here’s why we love their brand:
    • Bottles are insulated and keep your drinks warm and cold.
    • Their bottles are made free of chemicals.
    • They offer a wide range of colors and styles.

Their brand success over the years comes as a result of their customer service commitment. “We deal with each customer personally and take their concerns very seriously,” Marketing Manager Addie Bash told us. While their quality control procedures ensure products are up to standard, sometimes faulty products slip through testing. Thus, Polar Bottle offers a lifetime guarantee on all bottles. They replace any bottle that is sent back to them, no questions asked. They also offer free replacement of caps so customers do not have to purchase a whole bottle if they damage or lose their cap. For more information about their warranties, click here.

  • Columbia – Started by a family who fled Nazi Germany during World War II, Columbia has focused on making tough, simple products that are built for every kind of environment. Having worn their shoes while trail running down a mountain before, here are a few reasons I recommend using Columbia shoes:
    • They provide sturdy foot support.
    • Great comfortability.
    • Variety of camping, hiking, and trail running shoe options.

Columbia offers a one-year limited warranty covering product defects from manufacturing. If you purchase a pair of shoes and have to exchange what you bought or get a refund, then you’ll need to clean and ship them to Columbia’s Warranty Department for evaluation. If it’s approved, they will repair your shoes or give you a merchandise credit. For more information about their warranties, click here.