3 Yoga Accessories: A Caregiver’s Guide to Online Shopping

  • By Ashley Bechtloff Springible Contributor
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  • PostedApril 5, 2017
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By now you’ve probably realized that at Springible we are big fans of yoga. It offers you both physical and mental benefits to your life. And while you, the caregiver, may not always have much time in your day-to-day to dedicate to yourself, we encourage you to incorporate some form of yoga into your routine, wherever it is easiest. If you are new to yoga but you’ve been wanting to try it, check out our article on options for yoga pants. Next, and especially for those of you wanting to turn your practice into a habit, below are three essential accessories that you’ll need.

1. Yoga Mat

Your yoga mat is your best friend, not only because you practice your poses on it, but also because it helps you mentally breakaway life’s hecticness. When you take a bit of time for yourself, your yoga mat is right there with you. It’s important that you use a mat that is comfortable, doesn’t slide, and of course, you like the way it looks!

If you are just starting out, check out any of the options below. These are lower in price, but still a great quality. It’s best to get an idea of what you like before you invest in a more expensive mat.

YogaAccessories Lightweight Classic Yoga Mat- $16.99

When you incorporate yoga into your life on a more frequent basis, you may want to purchase a mat that’s a better quality and more durable. Below are some great options:

2. Yoga Towel

Yoga is, in many ways, about meditation. But as your practice builds on, so does the heat. And that’s when you begin to sweat. Yoga mats are not made of slip-free material, though, and when your sweat gets on the mat, this can cause problems. So get a yoga towel. Made from absorbent microfiber, yoga towels are the perfect layer between you and your yoga mat. Stay strong and stable with any of the following yoga towels we recommend:  

3. Yoga Block

The key to yoga is not if you can stretch the deepest in class or do a handstand, it’s all about correctly doing the poses. Everyone’s yoga journey is personal and different. You don’t want to collapse into a pose just so you can touch your toes. This is where yoga blocks come in. They are perfect for bringing the floor to you. Incorporating these into your practice will help you extend, lengthen and deepen your poses. Here are a few we recommend: