4 Essentials For Your Next Theme Park Trip

  • By Clay Chambers Springible Contributor
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  • PostedApril 26, 2017
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Navigating the theme park crowds–whether it’s Disney World, Busch Gardens, or SeaWorld–is never easy. You are tasked with keeping everyone happy, and as a parent that can be exhausting. For a caregiver, though, taking someone with special needs or disabilities around a theme park can be doubly exhausting. So in an effort to alleviate some pressure, we’ve got four essentials you should pack on your next theme park trip. They won’t make the crowds disappear, but they will make your day more manageable.

  1. One Strap Backpack – These bags are great to use while you are out. They are small enough so you aren’t lugging anything around too heavy; you only take what you need. They are also large enough for you to fit more than what a waist fanny pack holds. Most options are built differently for each bag, so you can decide which pocket access points are best for you. Even better, you throw it over your shoulder. It sits across your chest, so it doesn’t restrict both of your arms while you are moving.
  2. No-Spill Sippy Cup – When you’re traveling with a toddler or child who drinks out of a sippy cup, this is a fantastic option for two reasons. First, the cup recognizes when someone’s mouth is on the lid, so you can drink out of it from any angle, but when you aren’t drinking from it, it seals up. Second, whether it gets turned upside down, falls to the ground, or shifts in your diaper bag or backpack, the cup is spill-free. It’s magical. Oh, and it’s durable, too!
  3. Nutrition / Granola Bars – Who doesn’t get hungry–or should we say, hangry–while standing on your feet all day, much less exploring a park while you’re making sure everyone is happy? Pack some granola bars. These come in handy while you’re waiting in line or sitting down to rest for a minute. They aren’t going to fill you up like a full meal would, but they can tide you over till you do eat one.
  4. Hand Sanitizer or Hand Wipes – Where there are people, there are germs. It’s helpful to have a small hand sanitizer bottle or a pack of wipes in your bag to avoid picking up any bad germs or illnesses as you touch rails, doors, or rides throughout the day. If someone in your family is sick prone, having wipes around is especially important.

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