A Caregiver’s Guide To Online Shopping: Affordable Beauty Products

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  • PostedMarch 8, 2017
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After diving head first into raising special needs babies, I became expedient to a fault when it came to my beauty routine, particularly my skin care and makeup. I got stuck in a rut, wearing the same products for years without deviation. I’d traded the experience of doing my makeup for fun and to feel a little extra special for mere utility, wearing makeup to hide tired eyes.

It wasn’t just about the process of putting it on, but the mere thought of going shopping for makeup, kids in tow, and taking time to try new things was exhausting! I mean, who can focus on figuring out the right shade of foundation while your children tell you they are bored every 30 seconds? Then I came across a little black box that changed all of that: BoxyCharm.

BoxyCharm makeup subscriptionI compared it with other beauty subscriptions, but I chose BoxyCharm because they offer high quality full size items in their monthly boxes! For $21 a month, I get a box with five products that last for months, and since they are curated from a wide variety of companies, I get to discover new hair and skin care solutions, take risks on higher cost items I would have been hesitant to purchase before, and have fun with my makeup again!

Over the past year, my favorite makeup brushes, mascara, eyeshadow palette, lip tint, and anti-wrinkle eye serum have come from a monthly box…all brands I had never used before and I now buy and recommend to friends! I love that I get to do something for myself that feels like a treat, but I’m not spending unnecessary time or money in the process. It’s affordable and effortless, and I have to admit I genuinely look forward to it every month!

Trust me, when you reach for your mail and see that little black box, it feels like a Christmas morning all over again!

– Jackie Hauer, Springible Contributor 

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