A Story of Kindness From the NICU

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  • PostedMay 6, 2019
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The NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) was our introduction to the bizarre, new world of having a child with major medical needs.

Our extended stay there was so foreign. We had no routine; we were just frantically “making it” one day at a time. One of the first acts of kindness I received in the NICU was from a “veteran” NICU mom. She made me a care package full of little gifts, encouraging me to take time for myself when I could. In the package there was nail polish, hand lotion, magazines, and a Starbucks gift card.

While we were living at the Ronald McDonald house, a family friend stocked our pantry with snacks and breakfast food so we could grab something in the morning as we rushed to the hospital each day. But one of the most beautiful gifts I received in the NICU was from a family friend who I didn’t even see. A woman and her husband stopped by one night to see Avery while she was in the ICU. She was literally fighting for her life. I went to take a shower, and when I returned to Avery’s room, I found a note and a toy for her on the window sill. I wept. I hadn’t cried yet during that admission, but after seeing what they left, I wept.

That toy meant that they believed she would live to play with it and enjoy it. And she did.

I could never repay those people who were so kind to me. To this day, I am moved to tears by those memories.

– Meg Apperson, Springible Contributor

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