Springible Adventure Pack Giveaway

At Springible,

we believe in using products that are reliable. More important, we exist to help make your life easier. When you are caring for someone else, those are two things you depend on. In April, we wrote about great, reliable brands that offer product warranties, two of which are Eddie Bauer and Polar Bottle. These outdoor brands believe in their product so much that they offer a generous return policy on those products to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. If you haven’t bought from these two brands before, this month we are giving you the chance to win some of the products they sell.

We are giving away an Eddie Bauer Adventurer Backpack and a Polar Bottle each to four winners!

How to win: Sign up using the form, entering your first and last name along with your email address.


Why these two products are important...

Eddie Bauer Adventurer Backpack (Retail Value $90):

Sometimes products can be used for different purposes than they were originally intended for. That's why we love this backpack! While some people may use it purely for long hikes through rough terrain, it’s also perfect for families who are on-the-go. The backpack has multiple compartments and pockets that keep all your items organized with easy access. Medicines... Sensory toys... Hand sanitizer… Whatever you need when you're out and about, this backpack will comfortably help you tackle with ease.


Polar Bottle ZipStream (Retail Value $15):

Designed with dual-wall insulation, this water bottle keeps liquids cold for hours, which is great if you simply want your drink to stay chilled while you're running errands, between therapy or appointments, or even traveling. Plus, if you are caring for someone who must have his foods in liquid form, this is a great option for keeping those foods cool (like this delicious smoothie) while you are out. The bottle’s cap self-seals, preventing it from leaking even when it's in the open position. This feature is a lifesaver for those who are used to other bottle brands spilling.


Good Luck!