Caregiver Interview: Meagan Nash

  • By Springible Contributor
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  • PostedApril 15, 2019
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Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Meagan Nash and I live in Buford, Georgia. I’ve been married for 10 years to my husband David and we have two kids. Our daughter Addison is 9 and our son Asher is 20 months. I work a part-time job working in social media and marketing, but my full-time job is being a mother to my kids. I also happen to be a caregiver to my son, Asher, who was born with Down Syndrome. Our life is busy as we juggle family stuff, work, school, photoshoots, and cheerleading, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What’s your story?

When Asher was a baby, I knew he loved being in front of the camera. When he was 12 months old, I submitted him for a casting call for a modeling job. The agent said she wasn’t submitting his pictures because the casting call didn’t specify they were looking for a baby with special needs. The issue at hand was that it didn’t say either way. So I sat there and wondered how many other agencies think the same way when it comes to casting criteria. I posted my thoughts on social media and connected with an organization called “Changing The Face Of Beauty.” Their goal is to get people with disabilities in more advertisements. One way they do that is by asking families to call out the brands on social media. Without hesitation, I decided to post a picture of Asher explaining what had happened while calling out Oshkosh, because Asher wears their clothes the most. The internet took to his pictures in such an amazing way and the post went viral. Asher ended up being the first person with a disability to appear in a Carter’s, inc. advertisement and we have been able to spread more awareness than I ever thought possible. He has since worked with several other brands and even worked with the cast of “Born This Way,” creating a PSA video for World Down Syndrome Day. I know many families have similar experiences where their child might have been excluded all because they look a little different, and I’m here to tell you: never take “no” for an answer. Our children deserve the same opportunities as anyone else’s children do.

Why do you think the mission of Springible is so important?

The mission of Springible is important because it shows the world that our community is larger and much more powerful than anyone has ever imagined. And, in the end, Springible will be spreading awareness for this community, as people learn and talk about it.

What’s your best advice for someone on the caregiver’s journey?

It’s simple: no matter how difficult your days may be, never give up on your loved one. You were placed in each other’s life for a reason, and together you will change the lives of others.

– Springible Contributor, Meagan Nash