Declutter: Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need

  • By Ashley Bechtloff Springible Contributor
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  • PostedApril 17, 2019
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Spring is a reminder to start fresh. It is also a reminder to declutter and rearrange your home. Did you know that the meaning of “spring cleaning” comes from the Persian new year, which falls on the first day of spring? Iranian people practice “khooneh tekouni,” which literally means “shaking the house” just before the Persian new year. Everything in the house is thoroughly cleaned, from the drapes to the furniture.

While it would be nice to “shake the house,” when you are caring for a loved one with special needs, cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom is easier said than done. We understand that life gets cluttered easily, and being busy doesn’t make things easier. So don’t take on everything all at once. Start with old items that you no longer use.

Do you have any medical or special needs equipment? Check out Rifton, a fantastic website and resource with locations around the United States that accept old equipment, refurbish it, and give it to those in need. Click here to find locations nationwide that accept this donation and refurbish it so they can be donated to families who need them.

Do you have any clothes, household items, or furniture you want to get rid of? While you’re at it, save some time that will benefit your busy schedule a pickup of your donated items with any one of these three non-profits.

  1. Vietnam Veterans of America

The VVA accepts donations of clothing and other household goods which are then given to American veterans in need and their families.

You can schedule a pick up by visiting their website here.


Acceptable donations include gently used clothing, household items, and furniture. These items are then sold in AMVETS local thrift shops. The thrift shops are employed by veterans and profits also provide them with aid and assistance.

Also, AMVETS picks up your donation! Schedule your pick up here.


Their mission- to help others! makes it easy for you to donate your things. They offer home pick up for many areas. If you do not live in an area where they pick up, they will send you a free pre-paid UPS shipping label so you can mail in your donation.

Schedule your donation here.