This Guatemalan Designer With Down Syndrome is Weaving Us a Better World

  • By Ashley Bechtloff Springible Contributor
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  • PostedOctober 3, 2018
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Isabella Springmühl is a 21-year-old fashion designer from Guatemala, and she refuses to take “no” for an answer.

Isabella also has Down Syndrome. She was rejected from two universities where she had hoped to study fashion. On her website, Isabella explains, “I graduated from High School two years ago, and decided to go to University to study fashion design. It was denied to me due to my condition. It was a ‘NO’ that I wanted to turn into a big ‘YES’.

Isabella designs clothes inspired by her beloved homeland of Guatemala, using textiles woven by Mayan indigenous women in each garment. Her unique and colorful clothes have received media attention all over the world.

Just 2-years-ago Isabella was invited to show her collection at London Fashion Week, becoming the first ever designer with Down Syndrome to showcase designs at the event.

Isabella bags and clothing designs are for everyone, but more recently she accomplished one of her dreams: designing beautiful clothes for girls with Down Syndrome.

Finding clothes that fit her properly has always been challenging, much less finding trendy, fashionable garments.

“One of my dreams was to be able to design beautiful and fashionable clothing for youngsters and adults with Down Syndrome,” Isabella continued, “Because of the physical characteristics we have, sometimes it is quite difficult to find nice clothing that fits us well.” 

Taking matters into her own hands, Isabella launched DOWN TO XJABELLEwhich sells beautiful, hand-constructed pieces that range anywhere from $20-$290 in price.

“I wish that every garment I so lovingly work on warms the dreams of other youngsters who have different abilities … we can do it!” she exclaims.

From being denied admission into universities, to now designing adaptive clothes for women of all shapes and sizes, Isabella is knitting a better world, one thread at a time.

Shop Isabella’s adaptive clothes on her website.

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NOTE: This feature references remarks made from Vibe and Down to Xjabelle.