Happy 3rd Birthday, Asher!

  • By Ashley Bechtloff Springible Contributor
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  • PostedAugust 30, 2018
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One of our favorite Springible Contributors, Meagan Nash, celebrated her son Asher’s 3rd birthday last month. We chatted with Meagan about what this birthday means to her.
Q: Happy 3rd Birthday to Asher! What are some of the victories that Asher has made that surprised you in the last three years?
A: Gosh, where do I begin? Asher continues to amaze year after year. In the last three years, the biggest victory for Asher for sure was when he started walking. He began sitting up at 9 months, crawled at 12 months, and all of a sudden got up and started walking at 15 months. In the Down syndrome community, this is very early! We were so proud of him!
Q: What has been the biggest challenge with raising a child with Down syndrome? 
A: The biggest challenge with raising a child with Down syndrome for me personally has a lot to do with Asher’s speech and communication. It’s a milestone we knew he could be delayed in, but lately, it has taking a toll on this mama’s heart! Asher started the Special Needs Pre-K 3 program three weeks ago and I have been stressing so much, because he is basically non-verbal. He can do a few signs, gestures, and says a handful of words, but I worry so much about him being able to communicate his wants and needs with his peers and teachers. One thing I have learned raising a child with Down syndrome is that you take everything one day at a time and celebrate the little things, no matter what they may be. So for now, we will continue his weekly therapy with his Speech Therapist, and I am so hopeful that being around kids his own age who can talk will help his speech flourish!
Q: Can you share some moments in your journey with Asher that have surprised you? 
A: Moments in my journey with Asher that surprised me would have to be when he became “famous”! I never thought in a million years the world would take to my post of his pictures the way they did.  I also never thought he would have such an impact on the world at such a young age. It makes me feel so honored to be his mom.
Q: What are your wishes for Asher for his birthday?
A: My wishes for Asher for his birthday are simple. I want him to feel loved and happy, which I know he does… most of the time! (LOL!)
Q: Anything else you want to share?
A: I wanted to remind everyone that Down syndrome awareness month is slowly approaching in October! So let’s get out those crazy socks and spread awareness anyway you can whether it be at school, church, sports, or just at home with your family. I encourage you to go to http://www.dsaatl.org/awareness to see how you can start spreading awareness so that more people know and understand all things Down syndrome!
– Springible Contributor, Meagan Nash