How I Decorate My Autistic Son’s Room

  • By Springible Contributor
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  • PostedMay 23, 2019
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When my son, Chase, was born, I had dreams of decorating his room perfectly, like most moms do. I poured through magazines and websites, planning an awesome kid space. And while Chase’s room was nice, as his sensory needs have increased and we learned more about his autism, the landscape of his room has changed. We have tried many different things over the years, and below are some ideas that have worked well for us:

For room walls, calming colors like pastels, beige, and cream are great colors. Bright, bold colors can create more stress for a child with special needs. As your child gets older, let them be part of the room decorating team. Display their art, special notes from teachers, or awards to help boost self-esteem. Above all else, remember your child’s room needs to be functional and not picture perfect.

– Amy Wilkinson, Springible Contributor