How I Dress My Son With Special Needs

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  • PostedApril 19, 2017
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Dressing a child with special needs is another challenging aspect for the caregiver in day-to-day life. Function often overrules fashion when deciding which clothes to purchase. Our older children have always wanted their brother to be stylish, but skinny jeans and a button down shirt are just not doable for Brandon. Because of his limited range of motion and inability to dress himself, we have opted to only purchase soft knit shirts and pull on style pants. Since he wears diapers, we essentially dress and undress him four to five times a day. The older he gets, the harder it has become. (He’s only getting bigger, and we’re only getting older!)

Our go-to store for clothing is Old Navy. They have a good variety of pull-on pants, and their knit shirts are soft and stretchable. We especially like their Go-Dry mesh pants. They are lightweight and easy to pull up. Old Navy’s price point is also very competitive. We typically make all of our purchases online. Clothes shopping with a kid who is wheelchair bound is not optimal, to say the least.

Crocs shoes are only footwear we can easily put on Brandon. While they may not be the most fashionable footwear, they are comfortable, sturdy, and easy to put on.  Surprisingly, they provide adequate support when Brandon walks in his gait trainer.

While the options are somewhat limited, I think the options I listed are good choices to keep your child looking and feeling good!

– Debi Blaising, Springible Contributor

If you have helpful tips regarding clothes or brands you love to shop with that make life easier for a caregiver, we’d love to hear about it!