How I Pack For A Road Trip

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  • PostedNovember 9, 2018
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Taking a trip by car with someone a special needs family member takes a little more patience and planning time than normal. Here is how my husband and I make our trips go smoothly, lowering our stress levels.

    1. Plan ahead: I buffer plenty of time to organize clothing, medications, and any medical supplies that we will need for the trip. I make a checklist before each trip that I print out, checking off items as I pack them into a travel bag. Depending on how many days we will be gone, I add or delete items from this list as needed.woman packing for a trip
    1. Keep important information handy: Anytime I leave the house with my child, I keep a folder with all of our emergency contact information close by. It includes the names and phone numbers of her physicians, diagnoses, a medication list, as well as insurance information. You never know when you may need this, so it helps to have that information handy at all times.
    1. Food & water: I bring a small bag of water bottles and snacks like pretzels, granola bars, or beef jerky in it. That way we don’t have to make unnecessary stops in case anyone gets hungry or thirsty. I also bring napkins and wet wipes to keep our hands and faces clean, and in case we have a spill emergency!
  1. Comfort items: To pass the time (and to keep myself comfortable and entertained) I bring with me a book or crossword, my headphones to listen to music or an audio book, and a small blanket or lightweight jacket. I like to have my daughter’s favorite stuffed animal and a few movies for her to watch on the way.

– Pamela Tucker, Springible Contributor