How Music Therapy Helps

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  • PostedDecember 8, 2017
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A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Springible contributor, Mary Whyte, to talk about her non-profit, Pure Progression Music (PPM). Mary’s goal with PPM is to “improve quality of life by increasing physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, educational and musical skills through musical interventions while accomplishing individualized goals that can be generalized into one’s daily life.” Some of our other contributors have used Mary’s music services before, and that’s how we found out about her amazing work! We wanted to share a testimonial and video below of Mary working with a child while playing guitar. Check out the videos below and visit her website here.

“My son, Bridger, was diagnosed with severe, non-verbal autism at the age of two and a half. Since that time, we have had him in many research-based therapies trying to help him become his very best self. While he speaks no words, he tries his hardest to communicate with a few signs, showing pictures, and mostly by his gestures.

When Bridger was about seven I was scrolling through autism services on my computer and I came across Pure Progression Music Therapy. I was so excited to find them, since one of Bridger’s favorite things in the world is music! I went back to that website several times and decided that I had to reach out to this place. Bridger works SO hard all the time and the possibility of him learning while having fun really appealed to me.

We contacted Mary (the founder), and Bridger started music therapy soon after. It’s still his very favorite autism service! In the first video below, Bridger is ‘singing’ the goodbye song with Mary who’s playing guitar. To a parent whose child can’t speak, these purposeful vocalizations mean the world!”

– Becky Fry, Springible Contributor