inClusion ClubHouse, the Blueprint for Special Needs Community

  • By Ashley Bechtloff Springible Contributor
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  • PostedMarch 12, 2019
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Springible Contributor, Linda Hall, shared her story about the rollercoaster her life turned in to 19 years ago when her world was turned upside down with her daughter’s Hypoplasia of the Corpus Collosum diagnosis (a rare birth defect that happens when the brain does not develop normally during pregnancy). Her days of being a first-time new mommy instantly turned in to becoming a caregiver and advocate for a child with special needs. The news of this diagnosis was nothing Linda could ever imagine would happen in her life. It was unexpected and she felt unprepared for this new life.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 3rd:Seen at Global Gift Foundation USA alongside inClusion ClubHouse Special Needs Family Prom on Saturday, June 3, 2017 at Loews Hotel Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by A Turner Archives)

Flash forward to today, Linda Hall’s rollercoaster of a life is still twirling and doing 360’s, but she certainly has more control. She and her husband have four children;  Djanai (19), Djaeda (10), Djordan (9) and Djulian(1). She has built her family to live as “normal” of a life as possible, despite Djanai’s disability. Through the experience of raising Djanai, Linda realized there was a need in her community for a physical place that families can participate in activities all together. Unwilling to let this need go unmet, Linda created the inClusion ClubHouse.

“It has truly been a challenge for my husband and I to find activities in which the whole family could participate in together,” Hall said. “So, I decided to create a place where we could experience activities for everyone. A place that is totally accessible and fun for my teenager who’s in a wheelchair, but still entertaining for the younger kids as well. A place where we could expose typically able kids to those who have disabilities and teach them to play with one another. Developing bonds and bridges, teaching compassion and patience. Hence creating a stronger and more tolerant community.”

The mission of the inClusion Clubhouse is to provide a safe and fun environment that fosters opportunities for education, socialization and independence in a recreational setting for families of those with special needs. Their vision is to create a space that is truly all inclusive and accessible for children, teens and young adults of all abilities.

“We desire to help create a more inclusive community,” Hall says.

The inClusion ClubHouse is still in the developmental stage, and Linda is holding events and fundraisers to help secure the funds to find a physical place to create the clubhouse. She hopes to open her first location in North Hollywood, and then expand to chapters all over the country in the next 5 years.

The most recent event they held was their first edition of Charity Karaoke Battle.

“It was so amazing and so fun to watch the kids light up the stage. They had so much fun, it inspired me to start planning a new event called Our Special Needs Got Talent,” Hall said.

Linda hopes to create many moments like that for kids who come to the inClusion ClubHouse. She explained that families will benefit from an amazing one of a kind experience.

“Our events truly are like no other. Everyone feels welcome and included. Families and children feel safe, appreciated, loved and respected.  They will be able to connect with other families going through similar situations, find a support system for themselves and their child(ren),” Hall said.

You can get involved with the inClusion ClubHouse by visiting their website or donating here.

Everyone is Special and Deserves to be inCluded. So please, help us make this happen by making sure that there is an inClusion ClubHouse not only here in California for my family but for families all around the country,”Hall said. “Donate today...every bit helps.”