Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Home Goods

  • By Ashley Bechtloff Springible Contributor
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  • PostedMay 3, 2017
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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about what to buy the super moms in your life. This year, instead of giving her flowers and candy, get her something great for the home that we know she will love, and get great use out of! Here are 7 great gift options:

  1. VicTsing Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser and Radha Beauty Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Using an essential oil diffuser is the perfect way to bring subtle therapeutic scents into your home. The VicTsing Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser has a modern and natural look with its wood grain coating. This diffuser is quiet and can run up to 10 hours with 300 ml of water. When the water runs out, the diffused automatically turns off. Also, there is an adjustable LED light to add some color to your home. Diffusers are great for softening and moistening dry skin and it also helps you breathe better when you sleep.   

We recommend using the Radha Beauty Aromatherapy Essential Oils. They are 100% pure and come in 6 therapeutic oils: Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange.

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  1. Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vacuum

While it’s not always best to buy a mother a cleaning supply, that rule doesn’t apply when it comes to a Shark vacuum! This cleaning tool is a dream. It’s cordless and powerful, with a pet brush that picks up hair and dander from all surfaces, but you don’t have to have a pet to reap the benefits of this vacuum. The Shark Cordless Hand Vacuum includes a tool to help get down in those hand to reach places, like car seats and couches. Also, it has a declarable battery, so it will always be ready for those spur-of-the-moment messes.

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  1. Vitamix 5300 Blender

Meet the blender of all blenders, the Vitamix. This kitchen device is a cook’s dream. It works quickly and precisely to blend your ingredients into perfection. If your loved one in on a modified diet where they must eat pureed foods, the Vitamix blender is perfect for making smoothies and even soups, serving as a food processor. Also, it has a 5-year full warranty on it!

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  1. Veggiespize 5 Blade Spiralizer

This gift is especially perfect for families with modified diets like ketogenic and/or gluten-free, as it transforms your favorite vegetables into carb substitutes. You can make veggie noodles, veggie Spaghetti, veggie ribbons, and perfectly even veggie slices. It Includes 5 versatile blades to help create a variety of fresh and fun options like veggie lasagna, homemade curly fries, and angel hair zucchini pasta.

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  1. URPOWER Clothing Steamer

Moms know what a pain it can be to iron clothes. It takes forever, and if they are caring for someone with a special need, they don’t have any time to waste. Also, ironing is such a tedious task, but with this steamer, taking the wrinkles out of clothes is fun! The URPOWER Steamer heats up fast and it’s tank allows 7-10 minute of continuous steaming. Also, when the unit gets too hot or the water level is too low, the device automatically turns off. Plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty!

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  1. Keurig K55 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Coffee is the fuel that keeps moms going, and a coffee maker should never slow you down. But what about all that messy clean up from the pot that was brewed the day before? Save time on clean up with a Keurig! This coffee maker helps make life a little easier with just a few steps to great coffee: Insert a pod (K-Cup or coffee pod), select desired brew size, wait a few minutes and then enjoy! K-Cups come in many flavors and are made by some of the most popular coffee houses like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

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  1. Raking Neck and Shoulder Massager

Caregivers don’t have time to work out the knots in their lives while they are caring for the ones they love. That’s why this massager is the gift that never stops giving. It’s perfect for use at home or in the office, to give a relaxing moment between the chaos.The kneading and heat are great to target neck, shoulders or back waist. It also has a car adapter for those long road trips. Includes a 3-year factory warranty.

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