Spring Break Planning and Prep

  • By Tess Tallman Springible Contributor
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  • PostedJanuary 31, 2018
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Annnnnd just like that January is over—can you believe it?! That means 2-weeks until Valentine’s Day, and before you know it: SPRING BREAK!  This year, Spring Breaks are starting as early as March 3rd, so this is your friendly reminder that it is time to start planning!

If you are also feeling like the timeline for the year feels accelerated, might we recommend a lovely stay-cation for SB2018? With the plethora of online hotel deal sites, finding a hotel to fit your family’s style and needs is easier than ever, plus the pool. There is nothing quite like pool-time to help the whole family relax at once.

If you’re feeling like you wish you could send the kids off on Spring Break and take a week off for yourself… News Flash: YOU CAN!

With so many week long programs these days there is no shortage of educational and fun ways to keep your children (special needs or not!) entertained. If you’re not interested in enrolling anyone in any “programs” might I suggest looking back at our list of travel agents that will plan an accessible trip for you. I know it might sound crazy, but if you send the kids away for a week, guess what? You get a week to yourself… You can’t ask for more self-care time than that!