Culinary Library

What is the Springible Culinary Library?

Springible is creating a resource that will over time, grow to support millions of people who require modified diets, eating habits, and nutritional support due to either short or long-term health needs. We want to be a fixed point of reference when navigating how to eat according to doctor’s orders without sacrificing taste, flavor, and the joy of gathering around the table for a good meal.

What can chefs do to help?

We’re inviting chefs from all culinary backgrounds, perspectives, and specialties to join with us in helping create content for this library. We’ll start with simple recipes, and over time add cooking tips + video / live demos, cook books, and even Q&As (that Springible will host, facilitate, and produce with partners from all over).

If you are a chef or know of someone who'd like to partner up, please contact us HERE.

Why we're doing it?

Because nutrition works hand in hand with treatment of so many disorders, disease states, and health issues, one of the biggest challenges is how to make often significant dietary changes, where to find recipes and cooking tips, and stay within a budget. Online solutions aren’t always very helpful, regularly updated, or appealing. This needs to change...and we are the ones to do it! Our ultimate goal in creating this library is for people to know they belong, are included, and still matter, regardless.

Springible Culinary Library

Broiled Flounder

Lentil Salad

Strawberry Tart

Kilt Lettuce Salad

Do you eat on a modified diet, or care for someone who does? We’d love to hear about it! Springible is developing a full culinary library from chefs all over to support you with menus, recipes, shopping guides, and much more. Share your story!