Stress-Relief for Caregivers: 4 Stop-and-Go Hobbies

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  • PostedOctober 2, 2018
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When caring for your loved one, you don’t have a ton of time for yourself. Some days just getting a shower in can be impossible. Time is a precious thing, especially for caregivers, and free time doesn’t always come in large chunks. Usually it’s 10-minutes here, 20-minutes there.

Hobbies most likely change significantly after your loved one’s diagnosis. Going fishing or playing on a local softball team is going to be difficult to do regularly. Depending on how much time you have, stop-and-go hobbies may be best for you.

Here are a few great hobbies that could fit your lifestyle:  

Puzzles: This is an activity that the family can also participate in. Most importantly, you can get up and walk away and come back and pick up where you left off. Sometimes getting lost in puzzle pieces, even if just for ten minutes, can give you the mental break you need from your day. And if the idea of jigsaw puzzles drives you nuts (all the little pieces to get stuck and lost places!) think outside the box… try crosswords or sudoku! 

Reading: Take ten minutes, put your cell phone down and pick a book up. It may take a page or two to distract your mind from your surroundings (like that pile of dishes that needs to be done), but your mind could use the distraction. And when you need to step away, your book will be patiently waiting for your return. Try a poetry book, that book from high school you always meant to read, or a collection of short stories. 

Crocheting and/or knitting: Even if you have never crocheted, the concept is an easy one to learn. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that can help teach you your new favorite hobby. The best part of crocheting is that you can actually make something that your family can use- hats, scarves, mittens, etc.  Hot tip: Knitting clubs have taken off as a popular hobby across the country as well! Google a knitting club near you 😉. 

Watch TV: Ok, I know you are rolling your eyes at this one, but with the recording and streaming devices that are out there, you can pause and resume your favorite programs as frequently as needed. One caregiver told us, “watching TV or a movie gives me a place to escape from the real world.” If you do not currently have a DVR or streaming system, check out the top-rated (and affordable) options here.

What are your favorite stop-and-go hobbies or stress relievers? Contact us and let us know. We’d love to hear from you!