Tarzan vs. Jane

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  • PostedJanuary 22, 2019
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My husband and I were married when Tyler was 11-years-old, so when we made the decision to add to our family, Tyler was quite vocal about it. He begged us for years to have a baby, specifically a baby brother. Nothing would have thrilled us more than to have a baby but after four years we were discouraged.

We ended up having to seek help through fertility treatments. It was a long and emotional process for all three of us, as some of you know, and we had almost given up when we finally got a positive test result! I was almost as excited to tell Tyler as I was to tell my husband! We, along with our family and friends, had prayed so long and so hard for this, it was a miracle to us!

It didn’t take Tyler long to start spreading the news that he was now going to be a big brother! He was so proud and couldn’t wait for the nine months to pass. We prepared as other families do, buying baby furniture, diapers, clothes, and such. Tyler prepared by coming up with a name. A very unique name that certainly would be a topic of conversation. He chose to name this baby Tarzan! He was absolutely convinced that it was a boy and that we were going to name him Tarzan!

The time came for the sonogram to determine the sex of the baby, we were so excited! As with a lot of our appointments we took Tyler along. We were led to a room where I was instructed to lie down, the guys took a seat, and the nurse turned off the lights.

She began running the wand over my growing tummy and within just a few minutes she smiled and announced that she knew the sex. “It’s a … GIRL!”, she announced! I was elated!!!

A baby girl to dress up, play with, teach…I was over the moon! As I was lying there with visions of dresses and bows running through my mind I suddenly heard a loud “Nooooo!!!!” coming from across the room. I

looked and saw Tyler sitting in his chair with his hands folded in prayer and he was begging God to let this baby be a boy! He was not as excited as we were, to say the least.

After days of moping around we decided that maybe he would feel better if we let him help us choose her name. We had selected her first name but asked him to help come up with a middle name. It took all of five seconds for his response:“Well, if she can’t be Tarzan then make her Jane!”

And so we did!

She was born two days before his birthday and we brought her home from the hospital on his 15th birthday. She shares my mother’s birthday, which is another miracle since my mother passed just before our marriage. (On a side note, Tyler shares my mother’s mother’s birthday, his great-grandmother!)

Tyler and his little sister share an amazing bond and I’m so in awe of both of them. I am eternally grateful for the greatest gift of being a mommy!

– Laurie Lam, Springible Contributor