Theme Park Series: When To Visit Busch Gardens

  • By Clay Chambers Springible Contributor
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  • PostedApril 25, 2017
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We’re on to the second piece in our Theme Park Series, the first being a review of when to visit Disney parks. We understand that family vacation planning is an ongoing process, but we wanted to give you access to planning information with good times to visit theme parks as you decide which ones you may go this year or next.

With that, consider Busch Gardens, an adventure theme park that houses wild animals from around the world. Under the ownership of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Busch Gardens cares for thousands of animals, some of which are endangered, and many that are exotic. While they are a zoo, the park also has a robust list of rides, shows, tours, and kids attractions available for guests. Check out times of the year that are best to visit for each of Busch Garden’s two locations:

Busch Gardens // Tampa, Florida

You can find their Tampa Accessibility Guide here. They offer a number of services for those with allergens, mobility, restroom accessibility, and hearing issues, among other things.

Best times to visit:

  • Mid-April through mid-May
  • September through mid-December

Times to avoid:

  • Summer
  • Weekends

Busch Gardens // Williamsburg, Virginia

You can find their Williamsburg Accessibility Guide here.

Best time to visit:

  • May through June (before school gets out)

Times to Avoid:

  • July through August