There’s an App for That!

  • By Ashley Bechtloff Springible Contributor
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  • PostedJanuary 8, 2018
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It’s 2018, and we are basically living in the future. We have self driving cars, virtual assistants (hey Alexa, or Siri…) and smartphones that have transformed the way we live. With this technology, the growth of apps has evolved to include almost anything you can think of. Food truck tracker? There’s an app for that! A running app that simulates zombies are after you to make you run faster? Yeah… there’s an app for that too. (No, really, there is. Check it out). Maybe those two won’t make your life that much easier, but don’t worry, there’s an endless world of apps to explore.

Apps that help you stay organized, motivated or even just unwind are great for caregivers. When you are trying to do it all yourself and feel like you are up against the world, sometimes it’s nice to have a little tool to send you a reminder or make something easier.

Check out these interesting, and helpful apps!   

  • CareZone | Health Organizer  This app may be a game changer for caregivers. If you are managing someone else’s health (or your own), you know how many things there are to remember and keep organized. CareZone helps you to keep all of your information in one place, and even share with family members. You can keep track of medications, use their calendar for medical appointments and prescription refills, organize important contacts (doctors, pharmacies, etc), and so much more! Check out their website for more information!
  • Adobe Scan – Staying on the topic of organizing your loved one’s health, this app is a great tool to help make digital copies of all the paperwork you receive. Adobe Scan is a mobile scanner that converts your paper documents into PDFs. Bonus feature: once you scan your documents they are turned into digital text which means you can edit, search and highlight your scanned text inside PDFs created with Adobe Scan.
  • Lake: Coloring App – Coloring is a hobby that recently made a comeback for adults. It’s been said to relax and calm the mind, providing an engaging distraction. This is a perfect stop-and-go hobby for caregivers! This app allows you to take your hobby with you wherever you go, without having to haul around 71 colored pencils.
  • CARROT – A to-do list with a twist, this app makes your daily tasks a game and helps you accomplish more in your day. Earn rewards as you cross items of your list.
  • First Aid by American Red Cross – I’m pretty sure this app should just automatically be on all of our phones! The American Red Cross created a helpful app to teach you techniques for many different emergency scenarios including CPR, choking, burns, seizures, diabetic emergencies and more. With detailed videos on how to respond in critical first aid situations, this app is a great learning tool and helpful when in a real emergency.

Do you use any interesting and helpful apps you’d like to share? Email us!