What These Parents of Children With Down Syndrome Want You to Know

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  • PostedMarch 21, 2019
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Today, March 21st, is World Down syndrome Day. We celebrate the many caregivers out there who are dedicated to enhancing life for those with DS, from newborns to adults. On this important day, we want to show our unity by celebrating the testimonials of parents, from our own Springible community, and their children who are challenging the societal norms placed on those with special needs and disabilities. Find their stories here!

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Meagan Nash

"My son, Asher, is a person, first and foremost. Down syndrome is just ONE part of who he is. He has a beating heart and has feelings just like everyone else.

Laurie Lam

"In his 26 years on earth, Tyler has already helped fly a plane, participated in the Special Olympics, earned his second degree black belt, voted, sang in a choir...

And graduated from high school!"

IMG_2621 (1)

Courtney Baker

"Emersyn has an entire range of emotions.

She’s fiercely stubborn, is a master of manipulation, loves to make us laugh, and is always ready for an adventure.

Oh, and she can dance without music!"

Amanda Cunningham

“At ten months old, our daughter can already sit, crawl, and say things like momma, dadda, and yum.

When she was born, the hospital staff told us she wouldn’t be capable of doing any of that for years.”


Rondee Jones

“Life is busier than ever… More doctor’s appointments, more therapy sessions, extra classes.

But it has taught me to slow down and appreciate life's simple moments.

I love staying at home and having dance parties with my little girl!”