When You get Locked out, Climb Through a Window!

  • By Springible Contributor
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  • PostedMarch 9, 2019
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So, my son Tyler has a companion he spends time with. His name is Taylor. He comes over each week and takes Tyler out. Sometimes they go to Tyler’s club activities, to a movie, Barnes and Noble, out to eat, and so on. But they almost always go to the YMCA for a workout, yoga, or they walk on a nature trail. Most of the time Tyler is on board for this… except every once in a while, when he’s not. Here’s how it went down this week!

Taylor texted me that he was coming by to pick up Tyler. I wasn’t home, so I called Tyler to let him know. We hung up, and less than ten minutes later, Tyler calls me back saying, “I think I’ve been spending too much time with Taylor. I don’t want to hang out with him today.” I told him that it was too late, Taylor was on his way, and that he needed to get out of the house and go have some fun. He argued back several times, trying to convince me that he was spending too much time with Taylor. I finally convinced him to get ready, and we hung up. I texted Taylor warning him that Tyler was in a lazy mood and may give him grief. Meanwhile, I picked Sadie up from school and asked her to check our home camera to see if Taylor had arrived (we have a live camera that allows us to see, hear, and speak to whoever is in the house). Sadie turned on the camera just in time to hear Taylor firmly telling Tyler that, yes, he was going to go with him and to go get his shoes on. He told Tyler that he was going to wait for him in the car and that Tyler had five minutes to get ready (Taylor is great with him!). I was impressed and thought that Taylor handled things perfectly… But then we watched as Tyler calmly meandered over to the front door (the door that Taylor had just walked out of), reached for the deadbolt, and slid it into place, totally locking Taylor out of the house! I was at a stop light and began watching the camera with Sadie, and I have to admit that we were rolling with laughter.

Tyler was determined that he was going to get out of working out. I had to step in, though, so that Taylor wouldn’t stay locked out. I told Sadie to tell Tyler to grab his shoes and go unlock the door. He argued back and forth with her, and I finally jumped in and threatened him to finally get him moving. While he was in the bedroom getting his shoes, Taylor came to the door to find out what was taking so long. He couldn’t get in, so he started ringing the doorbell. He rang it again. Tyler is still taking his sweet time in his room and Taylor is really laying on the doorbell now, but Tyler wasn’t phased. Sadie and I were almost hyperventilating while watching this from the app on my phone. Finally, Tyler makes his way to the living room but the doorbell has stopped. All of a sudden we hear the dogs go running across the house and barking like crazy! Then, Taylor appears on the camera, in the living room. He outsmarted Tyler and snuck in through the back door! He simply walked across the living room, told Tyler to get his key, and they both quietly left through the front door.

I wonder if Taylor celebrated World Down syndrome Day this week. Ha! 

– Laurie Lam, Springible Contributor