Where to Get Free or Discounted Medical Equipment

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  • PostedAugust 17, 2018
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Caregivers know what hard times look like. Your life changes when you receive your loved one’s diagnosis. You see life from a different filter. Your day-to-day revolves around making your loved one’s life the best it can be, but sometimes that goal is out of reach. Some people need medical equipment for those in their family with special needs, which is an added expense that they cannot afford.

Below we’ve listed a few organizations that exist to remove the caregiver’s burden of having to purchase expensive medical equipment by providing free or discounted refurbished equipment for those families in need.

Gain access to affordable equipment below:

The Pass It On Center

The Pass It On Center is an organization that creates national and state resources for the reuse of assistive medical equipment so that people with disabilities can get the affordable equipment they need. They have a list of where your family can find equipment in each state here.

The United Spinal Association

This organization works with smaller private organizations across the United States to help families receive the equipment they need. Check out a list of the different organizations in each state here.

Get AT Stuff

Get AT Stuff is an organization in the New England area that helps get assistive technology devices to families who need it, from families who are no longer using the items. If you are in the New England area and would like more information, visit their website here.