Why Self-Care Matters to This Caregiving Couple

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  • PostedJanuary 29, 2019
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Caregiving is a full-time job. It takes everything you’ve got just to be there for your loved ones. And in the midst of the chaos, you have to figure out how you’re going to take care of yourself. At Springible, we love hearing about how people make time to unwind and recharge. Rondee Jones (Springible Contributor) and her husband, Reed, practice self-care when they can, and they were kind enough to answer a few questions about how this all works!


What is your version of self-care? I enjoy mountaineering and technical winter mountain climbing.

When do you make time for self-care? I try to get out on a mountain one Saturday a month. I begin early in the morning and try to get home by early afternoon so I can still spend the rest of the day at home with my family.

When did you begin realizing taking care of yourself was important? Do you think it helps you stay refreshed to care for others in your life like Joon (your daughter who has Down syndrome) and the twins? I realized it would be important long before the twins and Joon were even born. I was hoping to find a healthy and constructive way to re-center and re-evaluate my priorities while learning valuable skills.

Why do you feel like self-care is important? If you continuously neglect your own mental, physical, and emotional health, over time you will lose your ability to readily deal with life’s curve balls and effectively help your family move forward. You need to recharge your batteries and continuously renew your ability to cope with home challenges with love and patience.

What’s your favorite part about self-care? My favorite part about my own self-care strategy is the moment I reach the point on the mountain when I miss my family terribly and I want nothing more than to hurry home to them. That is when I know I’ve been fully renewed!


What is your version of self-care? Other than the occasional mom’s night out or trip to the grocery store, I enjoy anything that is low key that I can do alone. But my favorite thing to do is to cut hair. I have a home salon, where I provide hair, skincare, permanent makeup, and eyelash extensions. It helps to stay fresh and up to date with my passion and profession. It also gives me time to spend with adults and talk about normal things. While I am essentially taking care of more people, it feels different when it’s in the beauty realm.

When do you make time for self-care? I have at least one appointment a day. Any more than that is hard on the kids, Joon (my daughter who has Down syndrome), Claron, and Atticus (my twins). I really enjoy having people over to my house so I can get to know them, their needs, and help them build outer confidence.

When did you begin realizing taking care of yourself was important? Do you think it helps you stay refreshed to care for others in your life like Joon and the twins? I still have a hard time doing this. I’m still breastfeeding, so being too far from the babies for a long period is just not possible right now. This is an easy way to keep my sanity as it prepares me for each new day. It allows me to talk to others while still caring for my littles. After each appointment, I am more eager to love on my babies and care for them.

Why do you feel like self-care is important? Sanity! Parents get lost in caring for their kids and it’s so crucial to keep a part of yourself to rely on. You won’t have your children relying on you so much forever. (Hopefully not, anyway.) We all want independence for our children, so we need to lead by example through self care. It’s okay to take some time for yourself. I’m still working on that. Everything has its season. If you can’t take the time right now, plan ahead and try again in a month or even six months. The most important is that you can’t lose YOU in the midst of caring for others.

What’s your favorite part about self-care? The best part is coming back to my littles and being refreshed to be the mom that they deserve! They deserve a happy, patient, and loving mom. The only way to do that is to recharge and come back with renewed version of yourself.

– Rondee Jones, Springible Contributor